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LifeLink PHR has been approved by the Veterans Association to secure our military's/veterans' personal health records.


UPDATE: New York hospital benefit package now includes LifeLink PHR for all nurses and employees.


4 Ways To Upload Your Information
Website • DirectLink™ • Medi-Fax™ • U.S. Mail
If requested, we do everything for you at no additional cost.
Simply provide your health provider’s contact information,
then our secure DirectLink™ system will contact them to
include your information in your organized health record.

No computer – No problem! We will do everything by paper, convert
it to electronic format and include it in your health record.

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In a letter dated March 15th, 2010, The Department of Health & Human Services, Washington, DC. acknowledges and encourages LifeLink PHR's™ information technology efforts and its commitment to promoting of electronic health records.

Medical information/results are available instantly.
One comprehensive central secure location for all your personal medical information.
Easy transfer of all your medical records for new doctors, etc.
You are in control of your records, you may allow doctors access so they may review each others diagnoses & treatments.
Security is paramount, our security system exceeds the highest requirements of ALL governmental, banking and health care standards. read more...
LifeLink is 100% tax deductible.
Access to our free DNR, living will, & organ donor forms.
Our system integrity is protected by systematic scanning by ControlScan utilizing resources provided by the FBI and S.A.N.S. (the most trusted global internet security monitoring organization).
All LifeLink PHR's™ transactions are sent and received in the highest available encryption and protected by VeriSign®'s Extended Validation Security.
Our profile information was compiled from extensive research with doctors, EMTs, educators & professionals in the medical field.

Under the Federal Justice Department of the United States, Department of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Violation of this program, because of its pharmaceutical content, will constitute full federal criminal charges.





Nothing is more important than your health. We ARE here when you need us.

A secure state of the art medical records management system to collect, organize, store and transmit your Personal Health Records (PHR) designed to allow you to be in total control of your personal medical history. Within seconds 24/7 worldwide your information is readily accessible to all EMTs, doctors, emergency rooms, health care providers, hospitals and any other entity of your choosing.

Members decide what they want included in their secure profile such as:

◘  Allergies
◘  Medications
◘  Medical History
◘  Surgeries
◘  Doctors
◘  Pharmacies
◘  Vaccinations
◘  Emergency Contacts
◘  Upload Scanned Test Results, EKGs (base/current), X-Rays, etc.
◘  Dental Records
◘  Member's Photo ID
◘  Insurance Information
◘  Fingerprints
◘  Pet Information
◘  DNA (Optional)
◘  Final arrangements and other important documents such as wills, insurance policies, etc.
◘  And other vital and necessary types of information that healthcare providers would need in case of an emergency.

No computer? No problem.
Membership by paper submission is available.
E-mail us, mail a request or request a paper membership application online.
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How Does LifeLink PHR Work?
Our effortless Wizard Assistant will guide you step-by-step through our easy, yet comprehensive medical data profile. Enter all your information at one time, or you may return as often as you wish to add, edit or delete information. read more...

Total coverage for just a few pennies a day!

The chief counsel of the US Department of Justice has approved LifeLink PHR's™ valuable service for DEA Special Agents, employees, and their families.


LifeLink PHR™ has been chosen for the counsel of organizations, building support for worldwide unity through communications. www.FOTUN.org

107 Language translations available, click here.


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